Ball Screw Support Bearings

BSB series ball screw support bearings

Dimension:bore diameter ≥φ12
Material:high quality chrome steel
China GCr15, Europe 100Cr6, Japan SUJ2, USA AISI E52100
Contact angle:60°
Open or sealed, single or matched

Dalian Youmai Mechanical and Electrical Products Co., Ltd., is your reliable supplier of ball screw suport bearings. Copmpared with common angular contact ball bearings, the axial rigidity and load of ball screw support bearings is high owing to the 60°contact angle and the large quantity of balls. Our ball screw support bearings mainly covers three series: 7602xxx sereis(xxTAC02A), 7603xxx series (xxTAC03A), BSB series (xxTACxxB). BSB series is narrower than 7602 series and 7603 series.
High quality chrome steel.
   High rigidity
   Low friction
   Precision chrome steel balls
Basic design
           BSB narrow                BSB wide                   7602 / 7603
        (TAC B narrow)           (TAC B wide)          (TAC 02, TAC 03)
       Open or sealed         Open or sealed           Open or sealed
  Universal match or,  DT, DB, DF, TBT, TFT, TT QBC, QFC, QT QBT, QFT
As your reliable bearing supplier, Youmai bearings will provide you with high quality, competitively priced products, saving you time , effort and money.