RU cross roller bearings

RU148 cross roller bearings

Dimension: φ90×φ210×25mm
Structure:integrated inner ring and outer ring with mounting holes.
Precision class: P5, P4, P4A, P2
High rigidity, high rotation accuracy
Dalian Youmai Mechanical and Electrical Products Co., Ltd. is an expierenced and reliable supplier of cross roller bearings. Since the establishment of our company, we have been supplying industrial robot industry with large quantities of standard cross roller bearings as well as customized cross roller bearings.
RB: separable outer ring type for inner ring rotation
RE: separable inner ring type for outer ring rotation.
RU: integrated inner/outer ring type with mounting hole for both inner ring or outer ring rotation.
RA: separable outer ring type for inner ring rotation, thinner than RB type.
SX: separable outer ring for inner ring rotation.
XV: inner ring circumferentially split, XV can be srcew mounted directly on the housing.
XSU08 & XSU14: inner and outer ring suitable for flange mounting.
Precision class: up to P2
Size: Bore dia.10mm and above
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