Bearings for BARMAG

D258537 A-D25-8537

D258537,dimension: φ25*φ55.5*37/44mm
Precision class: P4
D258537 is a spare part of BARMAG textile machinery.
The installing position is PRESSURE PINDLE.
Dalian Youmai Mechanical and Electrical Products Co., Ltd is a leading bearing-exporting company, specializing in precision and high quality & long-life bearings for manmade fiber machinery, such as BARMAG, TMT, TOKAY and MURATA. Our bearings can be applied to  winders SW46-600, ACW, ATI and FK6 ect and can replace original bearings. Especially,  the structure of our BN bearings (BN17, BN25, BN30, BN35) is Angular Contact which makes our bearings have longer life.
Till now, our bearings for manmade fiber machinery have been exporting to more and more countries and districts throughout the world. Dalian Youmai prides itself on good product quality and honorable services to our clients.
Hope you will be interested in our products. It will be our honor to cooperate with you.

Winding Head Bearing computer no. Bearing no. Basic dimensionmm)d*D*B Installation position
ATI614R/12 Z904754400 BN17-6TVV Φ17×Φ35×13 Pressure roller
ATI614C/12 Z904754300 BN25-10TVV Φ25×Φ47×16 Pressure roller
ATI615R/12 MB1369-01001 BN30-5TVV Φ30×Φ55×17 Chuck shaft
ATI615C/16 MM77H99128ZZ0 BN35-8TVV Φ35×Φ61×18.5/34 Chuck shaft
ATI6 M86H131K01 BN35-10TVV Φ35×Φ62×18.5 Chuck shaft
ACW-4T/5T 1-005-0658 D25752/2 Φ55×Φ90×23 Hot roller
ACW-4T/5T 13061970 D25753/5 Φ50×Φ90×23 Hot roller
ACW-4T/5T D258537 D258537 Φ25×Φ55.5×37/44 Pressure roller
ACW-4T/5T 7804068 780406/8 Φ25×Φ55.5×37/44 Pressure roller
ACW-4T/5T 801388A HS 7008E 26W Φ40×Φ68×15 Pressure roller
ACW-5-295 E-000-1016 ACW-5-295 Φ25×Φ55.5×37/44 Pressure roller
ACW4T-1380/24 F-553484 F553484 Φ25×Φ37×21.4 Shifting fork
  301011 7012CTPA Φ60×Φ95×18 Hot roller
  301012 7210CTPA Φ50×Φ90×20 Hot roller
  2063145 BBYB3627 Φ30×Φ62×16/18/30 Black roller
  MB1351-01007 6003LIC P43 Φ17×Φ35×10 Grooved roller
  AD250313 6008LIC P43 Φ40×Φ68×15 Hot roller
  A-465-0735 6205T9H P43 Φ25×Φ52×15 Electric motor
  0723979 6206T9H P43 Φ30×Φ62×16 Chuck shaft
    608-ZZC3P5 Φ8×Φ22×7 Texturing machine